Tips to Improve Your Blog’s SEO


Did you miss something because you don’t know the features of website optimization? I basically wrote my articles, and I remember when I started blogging and sat there scratching my head and wondering why people hadn’t come back for me. I did everything I can. Choosing the Best Images for Blog Posts was the title I was dealing with. It includes other techniques which I though could help me attract more visitors. But I now learned my lesson; now I have a stream of visitors going to my website. Here are tips on how you can improve your blogs SEO.



The name of your post is one of the most important factors when it comes to SEO for websites. Search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing are very important, which means you want to make sure your post name is optimized for inclusion. However, you will want to keep the appeal to readers, also to keep the balance between getting a name for the search engine.


The description of your article is another element in terms of SEO for websites. You can’t put your description on blog posts if you don’t have a plugin installed, and with so many search engine optimization plugins, why not? You need to make sure that your description contains your main keyword to get higher positions in search engines.


The evaluation of your name and description is part of the so-called “on-site” search engine optimization. Still, you will also want to integrate the relevant backlinks as part of your SEO site strategy. You can create backlinks by participating in forums and websites, writing messages, and linking to your website. Not only will you receive a lot of traffic, but you will also improve the ranking of your articles in search engines. Be careful not to flood these websites with spam links or comments. The ideal plan, however, is to contribute useful and relevant content and to include your link in the margin and in the source box.